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  • Companionship  We can all experience loneliness but even more so at these uncertain times. BeeKind offers a Companion service, which has many benefits for your state of mind. An hour or two a week has proven to be a huge benefit for some of our clients. A friendly face to look forward to and company along with good conversation will ensure your well being both physical and mental.  We chose your companion carefully so that you are matched with just the right person to suit you. We will also send then same person so a good rapport and relationship is able to be created.

  • Chaperoning – Our Chaperoning Service can help in so many ways. We can accompany you to a medical appointment or visit a friend or family member. If you attend a social activity or club we are on hand to support you there and back. There's many situations in which our companions will be needed, a trip to the garden centre, lunch at your favourite café or getting out in the fresh air and having a walk in the park. You will get piece of mind knowing one of our companions will be on hand to help you, alleviating any anxiety or worries you feel.

  • Respite If you are a carer you may need to have some time to yourself for a couple of hours. Our Companions are available to sit with your loved one while you take some time to look after yourself which is so important for your wellbeing too. We can sit and have conversation, play a game, and even have a sing song with them while you get a few hours to recharge your batteries.

  • CleaningSometimes things can just get on top of you, before you know you just don't know where to start. Let us help you get back on track, General Housework, Domestic Chores, Washing, Ironing, Dusting or we can do a one off deep clean clean as well.

  • Shopping – We can shop on your behalf or Chaperone a Visit to the Supermarket.

  • Meals - Light Meal Preparation, arranging lunch or ensuring there is a suitable meal prepared.

  • Travel Arrangements – Assisting with Travel Arrangements

  • Hobbies – We can help with any hobbies, a game of cards, help with the gardening or a visit to the garden centre.

  • Technology - Help with setting up online deliveries or re order your prescriptions online

  • Prescriptions – We can arrange repeat prescriptions from Emailing Doctors and Pharmacy Collections

  • Handyman - We all have those little jobs that need the skill of a handyman. A curtain rail put up or a picture to be hung. Our professional multiskilled handyman has over 40 years experience and is able to assist with Plumbing, Painting, Tiling, New Flooring & General DIY. What's more is he is reliable and has years of experience.

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Call us to discuss your requirements and how Beekind can help you.

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Vegetable Shopping

Shopping Service

Our shopping Service gives you the option to have one of our companions accompany you or shop on your behalf. Just having that need little extra support of having someone with  can make all the difference. We will accompany you to the Supermarket of your choice.

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